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Welcome to Kanata’s Castle! The Podcast rated “E”for Everyone! We are two moms that have an acquired taste: talking about Star Wars! We welcome Everyone to our show and oh, NO fighting. Also, don’t stare. At any of it!
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Oct 31, 2017

Kanata's Castle continues their 'Pathway to The Last Jedi' series and this time they turn to the dark side. Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? How does he know the Skywalkers? Well, join Becca and Devon on this next episode and find out. So grab your favorite beverage and get ready to fulfill your destiny!

Snoke, the man behind the curtain. The Hologram. Who is he? He's a mystery, an enigma. And he prides himself on being Kylo Ren's sculptor. Snoke is indeed powerful. So powerful in the dark side of the Force that he managed to seduce the heir to the Jedi, Ben Solo, now known as Kylo Ren into leaving his Jedi path behind and becoming his apprentice.

But why Ben, Leia's son? What is it that Snoke knows? And, how well does he know the Skywalker legacy? The Force is strong in their family, each of them has equal potential for good or evil. But how did he know this? Who was he before he took on the alias of Snoke? Is it even an alias?

Leia knew that Snoke could have a strong influence on her son, and so, it was her responsibility to keep Ben away from the darkness. Unfortunately, the shadow doused the light and Ben became Kylo Ren.

Kanata's Castle #18: Snoke: "Fulfill Your Destiny!"

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  • Star Wars Rebels is back for their Final Season.


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